ShadowBot is a Steemit bot that automates many of the actions on your account from managing up voting the best content, automatically following back users that follow you, as well as providing insight into the performance of your account!
ShadowBot only needs your Posting Private key which is stored in an encrypted wallet. Your Posting Key only allows voting, following and posting on behalf of your account. ShadowBot has no access to any of your funds attached to your Steemit account.
Shadow Casters are members of the ShadowBot Shadow Pool. By being part of ShadowBot you are a Shadow Caster and part of the Shadow Pool!
The Shadow Pool is a Shadow Rank weighted queue of posts you and other Shadow Casters have authored that all other Shadow Casters potentially will up vote.
Shadow Rank is a great way to see how you are adding value to the Steemit community. As you author high value posts, your Shadow Rank will go up. Likewise, if you author countless spam posts that yield no value you will see your Shadow Rank fall. Shadow Rank goes from 1% to 100% (new accounts start at 5%). Your Shadow Rank determines how much Voting Power from other Shadow Casters your posts will get. (see Shadow Divider)
Yes, but your Steem Power is only one of many factors that decide your Shadow Rank.
Yes, but the more you allow ShadowBot to upvote from the Shadow Pool the more you will see your Shadow Rank increase.
Shadow Rank is calculated based on a weighted average of your most recent author performance, your down votes in the previous week, your current Steem Power and how often you allow ShadowBot to vote on your behalf by minimizing or eliminating your own manually up voting behavior.
ShadowBot recalculates Shadow Rank for each Shadow Caster every midnight 12am eastern.
ShadowBot works on a pool mentality. Every Shadow Caster is given a position in the Shadow Pool prioritized by their Shadow Rank. Authoring high value posts will increase your Shadow Rank leading you to see more of your posts receiving priority in the Shadow Pool.
ShadowBot is designed to maximize your Voting Power each day utilizing the Shadow Pool. ShadowBot will only vote when your Voting Power reaches 100% or every 5 hours, whichever comes first, and will only consume ~2% per voting session (see recharge time below).
Your Voting Power recharges at a rate of 0.000228898% per second or about 20% per 24 hour period. ShadowBot uses this trickle recharge feature to spread your voting out over each day to maximize your Voting Power to votes per day!
NO! The concept of ShadowBot is to develop a Shadow Pool filled with Shadow Casters and good authors that contribute to the Steemit community! Any solicitations for voting by ShadowBot will be ignored.
ShadowBot only displays information related to activity ShadowBot performs on your account. As we expand the capabilities of ShadowBot we may include this feature but for now this is not a priority for ShadowBot.
Auto Follow Back is a ShadowBot feature that will automatically follow back any user on Steemit that follows your account! This is a great way to build a network of people that actually want to see what you are posting! You will need to enable this feature since by default Auto Follow Back is turned Off.
Yes, ShadowBot automatically claims any outstanding rewards you have earned without you having to do anything. You can not turn this feature off, but why would you really want to?
Fractional Voting allows those over the Fractional Voting Threshold (see below) to cast votes with less than 100% stength. This allows our internal systems to allocate votes fairly to all regardless of their Steem Power!
The Fractional Voting Threshold is currently 750 SP. This is the minimum Steem Power your account must have in order to cast votes less than 100% power. All accounts below this threshold will automatically up vote using 100% power.
The Shadow Divider is currently 2. Shadow Divider is the amount your Shadow Rank is divided by for Up Vote Strength (rounded down). Example: If your Shadow Rank is 10 and the Shadow Divider is 4, your posts will receive 2% strength up votes {floor(10/4)=2}.