What is ShadowBot?

ShadowBot is a Steemit bot that automates many of the actions on your account from managing up voting the best content, automatically following back users that follow you, as well as providing insight into the performance of your account!

How is ShadowBot safe?

ShadowBot only needs your Private Posting key, which is stored in an encrypted wallet outside our primary web interface. In addition, your Posting Key only allows voting, following and posting on behalf of your account. ShadowBot has no access to any funds attached to your Steemit account. Read more at steemit.com about your Key Types here

Are my Private Posting Keys Stored?

Yes, in order for ShadowBot to operate and place votes (among other features) for you while you are offline, we store your Private Posting Key in our encrypted wallet. (See above for security concerns)

Where can I find my Private Posting Key?

On steemit.com in your account when logged in navigate to "Wallet" then "Permissions", you will see a series of keys. The first key labled "Posting" is the key you are concerned with. There will be a button to the right (possibly bottom on mobile) that says "Show Private Key". Click that button. The key will reveal (it starts with a "5"). That is your Private Posting Key and what you need to login and use ShadowBot

I reset my password/keys what should I do?

Simply login using the standard login and your new keys will be updated!

What is a Shadow Caster?

Shadow Casters are members of the ShadowBot Shadow Queue. By being part of ShadowBot you are a Shadow Caster and part of the Shadow Queue!

What is the Shadow Queue?

Shadow Queue (formerly known as the Shadow Pool) is ALL the posts from EVERY member (Shadow Caster) weighted by their rank and up voted based on our rules (only 1 up vote per member from each other member every 24 hours).

What is Shadow Rank?

Shadow Rank is a great way to see how you are adding value to the Steemit community. As you author high value posts, your Shadow Rank will go up. Likewise, if you author countless spam posts that yield no value you will see your Shadow Rank fall. Shadow Rank starts at 1 and continues to grow with your usage of Steem! Your Shadow Rank helps determine how much Voting Power from other Shadow Casters your posts will get. (see Shadow Divider)

Does my Steem Power influence my Shadow Rank?

Yes, but your Steem Power is only one of many factors that decide your Shadow Rank.

Can I still up vote posts and comments on Steemit?

Yes, but the more you allow ShadowBot to upvote from the Shadow Queue the more you will see your Shadow Rank increase.

How often does each Shadow Caster get up votes from me?

Each Shadow Caster is limited to 1 up vote from any other Shadow Caster in any given 24 hour period. This means Shadow Bot will never cause your account to up vote more than one post, in any 24 hour period, created by the same author. Simply put, 1 vote from you, per author, per 24 hour period. No member of ShadowBot will get more than a single up vote every 24 hour period.

How is Shadow Rank calculated?

Shadow Rank is calculated based on a weighted average of your most recent author performance, your down votes in the previous week, your current Steem Power and how often you allow ShadowBot to vote on your behalf by minimizing or eliminating your own manually up voting behavior.

How often is my Shadow Rank recalculated?

ShadowBot recalculates Shadow Rank for each Shadow Caster every Sunday at 12am eastern.

How does ShadowBot decide what to vote on?

ShadowBot works on a pool mentality. Every Shadow Caster is given a position in the Shadow Queue prioritized by their Shadow Rank. Authoring high value posts will increase your Shadow Rank leading you to see more of your posts receiving priority in the Shadow Queue.

How often does ShadowBot vote for me?

ShadowBot is designed to maximize your Voting Power each day utilizing the Shadow Queue. ShadowBot will only vote when your Voting Power reaches 100% or every 5 hours, whichever comes first, and will only consume ~2% per voting session (see recharge time below).

How fast does Voting Power recharge?

Your Voting Power recharges at a rate of 0.000228898% per second or about 20% per 24 hour period. ShadowBot uses this trickle recharge feature to spread your voting out over each day to maximize your Voting Power to votes per day!

Does ShadowBot take payment for votes?

NO! The concept of ShadowBot is to develop a Shadow Queue filled with Shadow Casters and good authors that contribute to the Steemit community! Any solicitations for voting by ShadowBot will be ignored.

Why does ShadowBot not show my voting history?

ShadowBot only displays information related to activity ShadowBot performs on your account. As we expand the capabilities of ShadowBot we may include this feature but for now this is not a priority for ShadowBot.

What is Auto Follow Back?

Auto Follow Back is a ShadowBot feature that will automatically follow back any user on Steemit that follows your account! This is a great way to build a network of people that actually want to see what you are posting! You will need to enable this feature since by default Auto Follow Back is turned Off.

Does ShadowBot manage claiming my rewards?

Yes, ShadowBot automatically claims any outstanding rewards you have earned without you having to do anything. You can not turn this feature off, but why would you really want to?

How does Fractional Voting work?

Fractional Voting allows those over the Fractional Voting Threshold (see below) to cast votes with less than 100% stength. This allows our internal systems to allocate votes fairly to all regardless of their Steem Power! Think of it this way, Someone with 100,000 SP is going to give more at even 1% power than that person could give back having only 28 SP. This metric helps us keep everything operating as we designed. Feeding the minnows and salmons, promoting good content, while giving dolphins and whales a chance to boost smaller fish, earn and contribute back to the steemit community!

What is the Fractional Voting Threshold?

The Fractional Voting Threshold is currently 1500 SP. This is the minimum Steem Power your account must have in order to cast votes less than 100% power. All accounts below this threshold will automatically up vote using 100% power.

How does the Shadow Diver work?

The Shadow Divider is an internal metric used by ShadowBot that is adjusted as needed. Your Shadow Rank is divided by the Shadow Divider to determine the amount of up vote strength you receive from other Shadow Casters that are above the Fractional Voting Threshold. All Shadow Casters below the Fractional Voting Threshold will up vote your posts at 100% in the order they appear in the Shadow Queue.

What is the Shadow Divider?

The Shadow Divider is currently 7. Shadow Divider is the amount your Shadow Rank is divided by for Up Vote Strength (rounded down). Example: If your Shadow Rank is 10 and the Shadow Divider is 4, your posts will receive 2% strength up votes {floor(10/4)=2}.

How does ShadowBot not charge a fee?

ShadowBot is able to provide this service FREE of charge, through donations (both sbd and time). All funds generated through posts ShadowBot creates on steemit are used to fund development and promotions/prizes as well. Every person that has helped develop ShadowBot through code or other means has been a member and benefited and contributed back to the community! ShadowBot doesn't do what ShadowBot does for ShadowBot. ShadowBot does what ShadowBot does because ShadowBot is ShadowBot!